2BME Business Map



Social marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular modern marketing techniques and is a great option for businesses looking to make a big impact with their customer outreach. Customers can contact you directly and get in touch with you.

How it Works

To promote your business, subscribe to one of the following packages

Option 1 Premium: Manufacturies, Distributors B2B and B2C

Option 2 Professionals: Clinic, Med.Spa, Salon: B2C and Member Audience

Option 3 Service: Tutorials, Book's

  • Premium

    EURO 120.00/Year

    USD 140.00/Year

  • Professionals

    EURO 60.00/Year

    USD 70.00/Year

  • Service/Tutorials

    EURO 25.00/Year

    USD 30.00/Year

This map is for all professionals, who want to promote their Business, Products or Services

You decide what you want to share on the 2BME Business Map.

Chose one of the packages "Premium", "Professional" or "Service"

We will add your business information to the map

Members can see and contact you directly

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